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Individual Viking toys and smaller combinations

Viking helmet
Leather and felt headpiece.
£37.50 + shipping

Viking belt
1 metre leather belt to attach weapon holders.
£7.50 + shipping

Viking money pouch
Leather pouch with leather drawstring.
£7.50 + shipping

Belt and weapon holders
Leather belt complete with axe and sword holders.
£11.50 + shipping

Viking Axe
30 cm long wood and leather axe.
£7.00 + shipping

Money Pouch Helmet Belt

Viking Sword
40 cm wood and leather sword.
£10.00 + shipping

Belt and Holders Viking Sword Viking Axe

Knife with sheath
27 cm long wood and leather knife and sheath (colours may vary).
£10.00 + shipping

Knife with sheath

Remember. You can save money when buying items in full sets

Leather Wrist Protectors
Set of two leather wrist protectors. Strong leather laces.
£9.00 + shipping

Wrist Protectors

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Shields >>

Shields >>

<< Full sets (1)

<< Full sets (2)

Weapon holders
Set of two leather weapon holders to fit axe and sword on belt
£5.00 + shipping

Weapon Holders

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